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21. 2. 2015

 Lord RCV2PM podle plánu modelář 156 S. František Hrbáček původní plán malinko změnil motor MVVS 2,5 nahradí stejnosměrným motorem ROBBE 6-8V,bude pohánět Lipol baterie 2S 2200 mAh s převodovkou modela ,sklopnou vrtuli prodávanou v 70  letech.


Vzepětí křídel zmenšeno na 50% . odřezání odtokové hrany pro křidélka.


Edit 24.1.2015

Směrové kormidlo s plovoucí výškovkou.

Edit 4.2.2015

Lord před potažením...

Edit 11.2.2015

Potaženo , stačí doladit těžiště a hurá na zálet. Františku máš to moc hezké, ať to taky tak hezky lítá.Lord je připraven k letu František čeká na příznivější počasí. Letu zdar.

Edit 14.2.2015

Rozmístění rc vybavení, standartní serva C5077 a C507 ,dvoučlánek 2200mAh, stejnosměrný regulátor 25A MGM ComPro.

Edit 22.2.2015

Včera při pěkném ikdyž chladném  počasí František udělal zálet elektro Lorda. Podle jeho slov letí  krásně , postupně ho doladí ke své úplné spokojenosti .

Foto: Jiří Pastrnek


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StanleyVon - Showcasing Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Excellence: Ogden's Premier Heating and Cooling Technicians

9. 12. 2023 5:11

Heating and Ventilation Expertise within Ogden: A Exceptional Survey

When this comes regarding guaranteeing optimal contentment within the household or office, choosing the appropriate HVAC professional is foremost. Ogden, with its diverse climate, necessitates distinction in heating plus cooling alternatives. Within such composition, we dive into the sphere of heating and cooling excellence, highlighting the city's top-notch contractors that are poised for optimize one's indoor atmosphere.

This HVAC Arena in Ogden: The View of Excellence
The City's Diverse Weather Requires Mastery

Nestled between the Wasatch Ranges and Vast Briny Lake, The municipality experiences assorted weather fluctuations across the seasons. From freezing months up to scorching summers, that necessity for the dependable heating and cooling mechanism remains not-negotiable. These expert professionals grasp the intricacies within Ogden's weather, furnishing tailored solutions catering to each interval.

Unraveling the Excellence: Ogden's Top HVAC Contractors

1. ClimateCrafters: Building Ease, Redefining Excellence

At that zenith for heating and cooling distinction throughout the city is ClimateCrafters. Boasting that commitment to precision and client satisfaction, such experts stand as that epitome for heating and ventilation distinction. From seamless activations to proficient restorations, ClimateCrafters guarantees the indoor environment remains consistently under regulation.

2. Peak Air Solutions: Rise in HVAC Support

Regarding unrivaled warmth and ventilation options, see not further than Peak Atmosphere Alternatives. This team of skilled technicians supplies innovation and reliability toward each undertaking. Whether you seek optimizing your current mechanism or activating the new solution, Peak Atmosphere Solutions guarantees the atmosphere that suits your needs.

3. EcoHeat Solutions: Eco-Friendly Answers, Redefining Comfort

Within the realm that renewability is crucial, Eco-Conscious Heating Solutions pioneers this charge. Specializing with environmentally-friendly heating and cooling options, such experts bring the hint denoting green to Ogden's heating plus ventilation realm. Witness ease with that conscience, as Eco-Conscious Heating Solutions blends competence to ecological responsibility.

Enhance Your Comfort with the City's Heating and Cooling Conductors

For a summation, the city's HVAC professionals elevate distinction regarding warmth and cooling. Choose a associate who comprehends the subtleties within the regional environment, securing one's interior area persists as the sanctuary for comfort. From ClimateCrafters' exactness up to Peak Air Answers' creativity and EcoHeat Solutions' environmentally-responsible methodology, Ogden spotlights HVAC excellence at its highest caliber. Elevate your ease – choose excellence.

StanleyVon - Revealing Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Excellence: Ogden's Foremost Warming plus Ventilation Specialists

8. 12. 2023 23:59

Heating plus Cooling Competence in The City: The Exceptional Overview

As this comes regarding ensuring peak ease in your home or environment, selecting that appropriate heating and cooling specialist remains foremost. The city, featuring that varied atmospheric conditions, requires supremacy in warming and ventilation solutions. In such article, we delve into that domain for heating and cooling mastery, spotlighting Ogden's top-notch contractors that are prepared to optimize your indoor climate.

The Heating and Cooling Realm within The City: A Glimpse of Prowess
The City's Dynamic Climate Necessitates Competence

Nestled amid the Prominent Ranges and Great Salt Body of water, The municipality experiences diverse climatic patterns across all year. From frosty periods up to sweltering summers, that need regarding a trustworthy heating and cooling apparatus is not-negotiable. Our knowledgeable specialists comprehend the intricacies of the city's climate, supplying customized alternatives catering to each phase.

Decoding This Distinction: Ogden's Top HVAC Contractors

1. The Climate Architects: Enabling Comfort, Elevating Distinction

At that pinnacle for heating and cooling distinction throughout the city is The Climate Architects. Boasting that devotion to precision plus patron delight, they exist as that quintessence of heating and cooling supremacy. Through integrated activations to capable fixing, ClimateCrafters guarantees the interior climate remains always within regulation.

2. Summit Climate Solutions: Ascent in Heating and Cooling Services

Regarding unparalleled warmth and ventilation answers, see no further over Peak Atmosphere Answers. Their squad of proficient experts supplies innovation and reliability toward every endeavor. If you seek optimizing the existing system alternatively implementing a new one, Summit Climate Solutions promises a environment which suits one's needs.

3. Eco-Conscious Heating Dynamics: Green Answers, Redefining Ease

In a sphere where eco-consciousness matters, EcoHeat Dynamics pioneers this charge. Specializing in eco-friendly HVAC options, such experts introduce the hint of eco-consciousness within the city's heating and ventilation realm. Experience ease with a conscience, while EcoHeat Solutions blends efficiency with ecological liability.

Elevate One's Ease with Ogden's HVAC Maestros

For a conclusion, the city's heating and cooling experts redefine supremacy regarding heating plus ventilation. Select a partner who understands the intricacies of the municipal environment, guaranteeing one's interior space persists as the sanctuary of relaxation. From ClimateCrafters' precision up to Summit Air Solutions' creativity plus EcoHeat Dynamics' environmentally-conscious process, The city boasts heating, ventilation and cooling excellence at its highest caliber. Enhance one's comfort – choose supremacy.

StanleyVon - Unveiling HVAC Supremacy: Ogden's Leading Warming and Cooling Technicians

8. 12. 2023 18:38

Heating plus Ventilation Expertise within Ogden: The Outstanding Summary

When it comes regarding ensuring peak contentment in the dwelling alternatively workspace, choosing that appropriate climate control specialist is foremost. The city, featuring that assorted climate, requires distinction for heating plus cooling solutions. Within such composition, we delve within that sphere for heating and cooling prowess, highlighting Ogden's top-notch professionals who exist ready for elevate your indoor environment.

This HVAC Landscape within The City: The Snapshot showcasing Distinction
Ogden's Dynamic Climate Demands Mastery

Nestled between those Wasatch Mountains plus Vast Briny Body of water, The municipality experiences assorted climatic conditions during the seasons. From icy periods up to blazing seasons, that need for the dependable HVAC system remains non-negotiable. These skilled specialists understand the intricacies within Ogden's climate, providing customized answers for each phase.

Decoding This Mastery: Ogden's Top HVAC Specialists

1. The Climate Architects: Crafting Comfort, Redefining Excellence

At that peak for HVAC distinction throughout Ogden exists ClimateCrafters. Boasting a devotion for accuracy plus patron delight, such experts stand as that personification of warmth plus cooling supremacy. Through smooth activations to capable restorations, These Climate Architects guarantees your interior environment remains consistently under regulation.

2. Summit Air Answers: Ascent toward HVAC Services

For unmatched warmth and cooling answers, look no beyond over Summit Climate Solutions. Their crew of proficient experts brings innovation plus dependability toward each undertaking. If it's elevating the current apparatus or activating a new solution, Peak Atmosphere Solutions promises a environment which fits one's needs.

3. Eco-Conscious Heating Dynamics: Eco-Friendly Answers, Elevating Comfort

In a realm where eco-consciousness is crucial, EcoHeat Dynamics pioneers the path. Dealing in environmentally-friendly HVAC options, they introduce a hint of green to the city's warmth and ventilation arena. Experience ease featuring that conscience, as Eco-Conscious Heating Solutions fuses efficiency with ecological accountability.

Elevate One's Ease having the City's Heating and Cooling Conductors

In conclusion, Ogden's HVAC contractors reimagine distinction regarding warmth and ventilation. Choose the associate who understands the subtleties within that local weather, securing one's interior area persists as the haven of ease. From ClimateCrafters' accuracy up to Peak Atmosphere Solutions' advancement plus Eco-Conscious Heating Dynamics' eco-responsible methodology, Ogden spotlights HVAC excellence in the highest caliber. Optimize one's comfort – choose distinction.

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StanleyVon - Revealing Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Supremacy: Ogden's Leading Warming and Cooling Technicians

8. 12. 2023 13:29

Heating and Ventilation Prowess within The City: A Stellar Summary

When this comes regarding guaranteeing optimal ease within the dwelling alternatively workspace, designating the proper heating and cooling specialist is supreme. Ogden, featuring that varied weather patterns, demands distinction in warming and ventilation answers. Within such piece, we venture into that realm for heating and cooling prowess, highlighting Ogden's premier-notch experts that exist poised for elevate one's interior environment.

The HVAC Landscape within The City: A Snapshot of Distinction
The City's Varied Climate Demands Expertise

Nestled amid the Prominent Ranges and Great Salt Body of water, The municipality sees assorted climatic patterns during all seasons. From frosty winters to sweltering summers, the need for a reliable heating and cooling mechanism remains not-negotiable. Our knowledgeable contractors comprehend those subtleties within the city's climate, supplying tailored solutions for every phase.

Decoding the Distinction: Ogden's Premier HVAC Specialists

1. ClimateCrafters: Building Comfort, Redefining Excellence

Within the pinnacle for HVAC excellence throughout Ogden exists The Climate Architects. Boasting a devotion to exactness plus client satisfaction, they stand as that quintessence of heating plus cooling supremacy. Through integrated activations up to proficient fixing, ClimateCrafters guarantees your interior climate is always under balance.

2. Peak Climate Solutions: Ascent in Heating and Cooling Support

Regarding unrivaled heating plus ventilation answers, see no beyond over Peak Climate Answers. Their squad containing skilled experts brings innovation plus dependability toward every project. Whether it's elevating the current system or installing the novel solution, Summit Atmosphere Solutions guarantees the atmosphere that suits your preferences.

3. EcoHeat Dynamics: Green Solutions, Elevating Comfort

In the sphere that renewability matters, EcoHeat Dynamics pioneers this path. Dealing in eco-friendly HVAC solutions, they introduce the touch of green within Ogden's heating and ventilation landscape. Undergo relaxation with a conscience, while EcoHeat Dynamics combines efficiency to environmental liability.

Elevate Your Ease having the City's Heating and Cooling Maestros

In summation, Ogden's heating and cooling contractors reimagine distinction regarding heating plus cooling. Choose a associate that internalizes those intricacies within that local weather, ensuring one's interior area persists as the haven of comfort. Through ClimateCrafters' precision up to Peak Atmosphere Solutions' advancement and EcoHeat Solutions' eco-aware process, The city boasts heating, ventilation and cooling excellence at the highest caliber. Elevate one's contentment – tap into distinction.

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Title: "Embark on a Timeless Journey: Silkroad SunWorld 2024"

Are you ready to traverse the ancient Silk Road and immerse yourself in a world of adventure and mystique? Look no further than <Silkroad>SunWorld 2024](https://www.silkroadsw.com), a captivating MMORPG that promises an unforgettable gaming experience. Set to launch its beta on January 5, 2024, followed by the grand opening on January 12, this game invites players to a realm where the past meets the present in a perfect fusion.

**A Glimpse into the Past: Cap 90 and Old Menus**

Silkroad SunWorld takes a unique approach by setting its cap at 90, allowing players to explore the wonders of the ancient world without the overwhelming complexities of higher-level caps. Nostalgia takes center stage with the inclusion of <old>menus](https://www.silkroadsw.com), providing a comforting throwback to the roots of classic MMORPGs.

**Dynamic Gameplay: Job and Activities Based**

The heart of Silkroad SunWorld lies in its job and activities-based gameplay. Engage in exhilarating job grinding through trade routes, building your empire as you navigate through the diverse landscapes of the Silk Road. With low rates and an open market accessible through a <web>based interface](https://www.silkroadsw.com), players can strategically trade and barter their way to success.

**Innovative Features: Play to Earn and Enhanced GUI**

Silkroad SunWorld brings innovation to the forefront with its Play to Earn system. As you embark on your journey, every action contributes to your virtual prosperity, allowing you to earn in-game currency and items. The <enhanced>graphical user interface (GUI)](https://www.silkroadsw.com) ensures a seamless and visually stunning experience, immersing players in the rich tapestry of Silkroad SunWorld.

**Community Engagement: Social Events and Giveaways**

Joining Silkroad SunWorld isn't just about the game; it's about being part of a thriving community. The developers understand the importance of player interaction and regularly host <social>events](https://www.silkroadsw.com). Connect with fellow adventurers on Facebook, YouTube, and Discord, where giveaways and exciting challenges await.

**Countdown to Adventure: Beta and Grand Opening Dates**

Mark your calendars for January 5, 2024, as the <beta>version of Silkroad SunWorld](https://www.silkroadsw.com) launches, offering players a sneak peek into the wonders that await. The grand opening follows on January 12, promising a fully immersive experience for all.

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Robertfum - Permute Your Viability: The Four Agreements Quarterly as Your Spiritual Counsel

7. 12. 2023 6:12

In a fast-paced society where energy's demands time again contain prerogative, the peregrination of inner and personal increase can quality like a stiff dream. Though, the innate yearn for to evolve, to delve deeper into our realistic selves, and to tie in with our higher aim remains a essential instances partly of our weak experience. If you've been searching on Four agreements a mystifying catalyst to ignite your quest suitable self-discovery and conversion, look no further than the "Aligning with Your Higher Self" journal.

Unveiling the Trajectory to Change

At its callousness, the "Aligning with Your Higher Self" minutes encapsulates the wisdom derived from Don Miguel Ruiz's groundbreaking reserve, "The Four Agreements." These four guiding principles – Be Pure with Your Dispatch, Don't Take Anything In the flesh, Don't Form Assumptions, and Every Do Your Most appropriate – sell profound insights into living an actual, sure duration in fitness with your higher self.

The Magazine: Your Handbook on the Journey


What makes this record book an indispensable device because of your journey? Take in's delve deeper:

1. Be Impeccable with Your Word
Affirmation: "Today, I speak my truth with fervour and integrity."
Challenge: "Can I tell today with unwavering openness and kindness?"

2. Don't Take Anything Personally
Affirmation: "I unloose the burden of others' judgments."
Question: "How can I detach from exterior opinions and come up with inner peace?"

3. Don't Make Assumptions
Affirmation: "I be after comprehensibility sometimes non-standard due to unsheltered and proper communication."
Problem: "Am I eager to àñê questions and upon misunderstandings today?"

4. Always Do Your Best
Affirmation: "Today, I leak my best effort to every task."
Contest: "Can I perform to goodness and wholeheartedly spend in all I do?"
A Glimpse into Your Transfigurement

The "Aligning with Your Higher Self" journal is more than a mere notebook; it's your daily manual on a course of self-discovery. It nurtures mindfulness, cultivates emotional spring, and deepens your connection with your authentic self.

Envision each morning, presentation the pages of your roll to call up a unusual affirmation and dare aligned with solitary of the Four Agreements. As you clip the affirmation, you fix a powerful goal exchange for your day. The accompanying object to becomes a special summons to embody the ahead in your thoughts, words, newspaper and actions.

With each memo, you augment the principles of the Four Agreements, transforming them from concepts into daily practices. Over time, this journal guides you toward mysterious intimate progress and non-material awakening.

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Мелстрой — узнаваемый стример, владеющий особенным стилем и отчетливой индивидуальностью. Он завоевал популярность через своему сообразительности, умению привлекать зрителей в интерактивное общение на сайте https://melstroy.com и умению создавать интересный контент. Стример часто занимается стримами игр различных жанров, но особенно популярен благодаря своим выступлениям трудных и популярных игр, где выявляет замечательные навыки и тщательное понимание игровых механик. Его стримы не только веселят, но и ассистируют зрителям глубже разобраться в запутанностях и тонкостях игрового процесса.

Кроме игрового контента, Мелстрой также узнаваем своими контактами с публикой. Он часто проводит Q&A сессии на https://telegra.ph/Mellstroy-Bonus-09-07 разговаривает о всевозможные актуальные темы и даже касается вопросах личного развития и мотивации. Это делает его стримы не только веселыми, но и информативными. Спасибо своему харизме и дружелюбию, Мелстрой создал https://cyber.sports.ru/streamers/mellstroy/news/?ysclid=lps72qv0j3183504540 крепкое и преданное группу фанатов, которые уважают его не только как стримера, но и как человека с привлекательными позициями и мнениями.

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Uncover Sharp-Edge IT Remedies alongside Chief Hill Computer Services

In the rapid-paced universe of expertise, staying ahead is not simply an advantage; it's a essential. Dean Hill Digital Assistance arises as your lighthouse for innovative and trustworthy IT resolutions, securing your company sails fluidly by the digital currents.

Elevating Operation via Specialist IT Support
Are you tired of technology hassles interrupting your progression? Chief Bradley Technology Services offers peerless IT backing, a link for enterprises seeking nonstop processes. Our experienced specialists are at your assistance, adept at troubleshooting and swiftly resolving issues to retain your structures at their prime.
Tailored Resolutions for Varied Necessities
A single dimension does not accommodate all in the energetic sphere of expertise. Chief Bradley Technology Services understands this, rendering bespoke remedies fitting to your distinct prerequisites. From system enhancement to cybersecurity, our services are fastidiously tailored to thrust your company forward.

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Matchless Customer Assistance
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Are you tired of tech hassles disturbing your progression? Dean Bradley Technology Services offers peerless IT support, a link for enterprises pursuing nonstop operations. Our skilled experts are at your assistance, skilled at diagnosing and rapidly resolving issues to maintain your systems at their prime.
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Unparalleled Client Backing
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